Before school, after school and vacation/holiday care

― about us ―

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At Fair Play OOSH, we believe that the early and middle childhood are unique stages of life. We are committed to the care, individual interests and wellbeing of each child. Our services are driven by quality & not quantity!

We believe that we facilitate this by providing a safe, fun and welcoming environment where children can foster and maintain friendships with each other and educators.


― our commitment ―

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Health and Nutrition

After a busy day at school, the first thing most children think about is their tummy!

We provide a healthy, tasty and nutritious selection of food for breakfast and afternoon tea. Our menus cater for children with special dietary requirements, including those with allergies or cultural needs, and take into consideration each child’s preferences. The weekly meal program is created with the help of the children and while being compliant with the NSW regulation.



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Quality, Compliance, Safety and Staffing

We don’t want to be the biggest oosh but we want to be the BEST! We invest in our staff for long term retainment by upskilling, offering regularly training, offering a work life balance roster and ensuring our staff are heard, listened too and involved in creating a complaint environment for your children.

Families need to feel comfortable with the team members who will be caring for their children. That’s why we take exceptional care when recruiting team members, with our recruitment team meticulously screening all applicants to ensure they are suitably qualified and experienced for a specific role while complying with all laws and regulations.

― our locations ―

We provide before school, after school and vacation/holiday care at 2 convenient locations in Lake Macquarie

St Joseph's at Kilaben Bay

St. Joseph’s Primary School

140 Wangi Rd,
Toronto NSW 2283

St. Paul's at Gateshead

St. Paul’s Primary School

Felton Street,
Gateshead NSW 2290

Anna Bay

Anna Bay Public School

191 Gan Gan Rd,
Anna Bay NSW 2316