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At Fair Play OOSH, we specialise only in Out of School Hours Care (OSHC). All our OSHC services provide an environment for children that is engaging, caring, fun and friendly. Our services can be used in many ways by all families with primary-school-aged children. Some of our families are regulars, and utilise our services every day because of work commitments. Other families might need to use our service ‘once in a while’, such as when there’s an appointment they just can’t fit in during school time or in emergency situations.

Either way, Fair Play OOSH will welcome your child with open arms, and ensure they enjoy the highest-quality OSHC service…one that’s safe, educational, engaging and fun!


Children love Fair Play OOSH as we are always having lots of fun, exciting and stimulating activities to enjoy while always ensuring we have the children planning the programs. After a day at school, it is important for children to have a chance to relax and participate in activities of their choice.

We offer an array of structured, non structured and educational activities every day, including special themed days (or weeks), lots of fun art and craft activities, cooking, drama, sport, science and more. We can even help children with their homework.

We also acknowledge that children need time and space just to ‘be children’, so they are always free to simply make use of our comprehensive range of free-play equipment. There is also always plenty of time spent playing outside, as well as lots of time for sports – either utilising the school’s outside facilities, or indoors in inclement weather.

Our comprehensive play spaces and choices for children vary from service to service, and include…


Cooking is one of the most popular activities at OOSH, and always results in a tasty treat to be enjoyed by all.


Music being a big feature at our services… children just love shaking their stuff and singing like no one is listening


We run extra curriculum  sports and physical activities every day, selected around the children’s likes and dislikes.

homework hub

We offer all children time and assistance to complete there homework daily or weekly

art & craft

Children love being creative, so we offer daily  fun art and craft activities, ranging from painting and drawing, to making origami animals, colourful kites or sculpting a plasticine masterpiece. And it’s great to see the smile on a child’s face when we display a piece of their work, or show it off to their family.


Whacky experiments are always popular with the children and provide an excellent opportunity for them to learn about the world around us. Inquisitive children are also catered for with a construction area stacked high with Lego, wooden blocks, marble run and more!


We always have lots of popular board and card games for children to enjoy they loves these rain hail or shine! , as well as organised physical games, like dodgeball, four-square and skipping. Carers get actively involved in all the activities, which ensures children are safely supervised while they have fun! Our educators are not spectators at all and are always actively involved


Everything we do is designed to put smiles on the faces of the children in our care, whether they’re competing in a running race, playing a board game with friends, or simply relaxing in a big bean bag. Along with ensuring your children are having fun we also ensure our staff enjoy what they do.

Our Commitment


Health and Nutrition

After a busy day at school, the first thing most children think about is their tummy!

We provide a healthy, tasty and nutritious selection of food for breakfast and afternoon tea. Our menus cater for children with special dietary requirements, including those with allergies or cultural needs, and take into consideration each child’s preferences.

The weekly meal program is created with the help of the children and while being compliant with the NSW regulation.

Booragul 4

Quality, Compliance, Safety and Staffing

We don’t want to be the biggest oosh but we want to be the BEST! We invest in our staff for long term retainment by upskilling, offering regular training, offering a work life balance roster and ensuring our staff are heard, listened too and involved in creating a compliant environment for your children.

Families need to feel comfortable with the team members who will be caring for their children. That’s why we take exceptional care when recruiting team members, with our recruitment team meticulously screening all applicants to ensure they are suitably qualified and experienced for a specific role while complying with all laws and regulations.


We provide before school, after school and vacation/holiday care at 12 convenient locations

Anna Bay

Anna Bay Public School
191 Gan Gan Rd, Anna Bay


Barnsley Public School
6 Cliffbrook Street, Barnsley


Biraban Public School
Beckley Street, Toronto

Blackalls Park

Blackalls Park Public School
43 Charles Street, Blackalls Park NSW


Booragul Public School
Aspinall St, Booragul


Branxton Public School
12 King Street, Branxton


Edgeworth Public School
1 Renfrew Crescent, Edgeworth

Garden Suburb

Garden Suburb Public School
2A Prospect Rd, Garden Suburb


Greta Public School
2 Wyndham St, Greta NSW 2334


Redhead Public School
31 Hutchinson St, Redhead

Tanilba Bay

Tanilba Bay Public School
1A King Albert Ave, Tanilba Bay


Woodberry Public School
Lawson Ave, Woodberry