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Afternoon Tea

Afternoon tea is served at 3.30pm and this cost is included in the ASC Care fees. Afternoon tea is a variety of nutritionally balanced snacks, with fruit served daily e.g. pastas, noodles, rice, soups and banana and orange cakes. Water is also available for children at all times. A weekly menu is displayed on the child & family notice board.


Breakfast is provided in BSC at no additional cost, breakfast includes cereal, toasted sandwiches, toast and fruit. Breakfast is available between 7am and 8am. The centre promotes healthy eating. The family information stand has a variety of flyers that may be of use to your family. Snack times are seen as a social event where children and staff can relax, talk about their day and experience a variety of foods. Staff will demonstrate healthy and hygienic eating habits while with the children.

Food Handling & Hygiene

The children are asked to wash their hands before eating food at the centre. On excursions where hand-washing facilities are not available the staff will provide children with hand wipes. Hand washing is the most important way of controlling infection. Individual plate/napkins, serving tongs are provided for children.


Fair Play OOSH is an ‘nut free’ service. Therefore we ask that families refrain from packing any nuts or nut products in their child’s morning tea and lunches. Upon enrolment we become aware of children’s allergies/intolerances and take precautions needed.