Fair Play OOSH Edgeworth services children from Edgeworth Public School and Edgeworth Heights Public School for Before and After school care. During Vacation Care we welcome all children to attend.


Fair Play OOSH Edgeworth is inclusive, diverse and acts as a second home to little hearts. We offer large engaging spaces for children’s imagination’s to run wild, such as dramatic play in our theatre room, novelty games in our games room, and creative crafting in the kitchen!

We encourage learning through play and following children’s leads through our variety of opportunities for development including gross motor skills when climbing the giant spider web, practising gymnastics on our mats and building in our sand pit.


Out on our spacious grass area, we have 6 lovely chickens and a cheeky rooster who loves to eat our food scraps in the afternoon. Our chickens produce lots of eggs which help us create a healthy and nutritious menu snack!


At Fair Play OOSH Edgeworth we understand the importance of children’s social development, we strongly encourage children’s relationships with their peers through group games, interactive activities, and engaging visits from community members. 


Our team of knowledgeable and friendly educators are all unique, caring and prioritise the safety of your child. Educators follow all safety procedures to enforce this firmly. Our team have different skills they can offer your child in their learning and development journey such as fine motor drawing, dancing, agriculture and cooking. 


Our healthy menu has a variety of nutritious foods to assist your child’s growth and development and keep their tummies full to play all day long. Our menu caters to all dietary requirements and allergies and are open to suggestions from families.

Working with families and communities

We work alongside our schools and families to provide the best care possible to your little ones. We are inclusive of all families, encouraging them to provide us with feedback, ideas, and suggestions for our service. 

Upon enrolment, we seek families input of what their little one’s enjoyed, their likes and dislikes so we can provide an open and supportive environment which feels like home.




Centre Number

0414 341 140


1 Renfrew Crescent
Edgeworth NSW 2285