Fair Play OOSH Greta services children from Greta Public School during school term & external school’s are welcome to attend our vacation care program.

Our service works closely with Greta public school to provide the best outcomes for the child. The children who attend Greta Fair Play OOSH are treated like family and our priority is their happiness and safety.  We program our sessions with a child centred approach, utilising child strengths and interests at the forefront of our activities.

Our resources are regularly audited and are added to the service based on our strong knowledge of children’s wants and needs.

We encourage self-help skills such as making their own breakfast, engaging in our cooking programs and assisting in centre tidy up; our only request is children have a go before educator’s step in.

Greta fair Play OOSH focusses on the growth and development of the child and provides a safe space for the child to be their true self. We work alongside families to provide strong relationships and core values to motivate and encourage children to become confident and involved learners.




Centre Number

0426 138 151


Greta Public School
2 Wyndham St
Greta NSW 2334